Jan 12, 2018

Rant: Why I dislike the label 'Feminist'

I'm a feminist. I guess. I &?!@# hate that I have to take that label, but here's the thing - I don't have an issue with feminist beliefs. Heck no, they should be common sense. I have a problem with the fact that I, as a feminist, am the one that needs to be labeled.

Think about it.

We give those sick weirdos who hold discriminatory views based on race 'racists,' because we collectively agree that they are the ones defying the norm. They, the racists, are the abnormal thinkers who need to be pointed out with a label. It's only logical that the rest of us, the non-racists, don't discriminate based on race.

So why aren't we there yet with gender?

Why aren't the people who hold discriminatory views based on gender the ones who need a label? Shouldn't believing in gender equality be the standard, so that anti-feminist is the abnormal condition? We shouldn't need the label 'feminist,' because it should be assumed unless we explicitly state otherwise!

This isn't a pretty post, no graphics or photos here, it's just my raw thoughts on the topic. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

How do you feel about 'feminist?' 

Jan 8, 2018

Busy Girl Fitness

When my friends moan about trying to get healthy, or letting a fitness resolution falter, the most common complaint is just not having the time or bandwidth to prioritize health. I'm going to go against the grain and say that's totally fine.

Sometimes I prioritize my health and sometimes I don't, but I always manage to live a pretty healthy lifestyle. Finding a healthy lifestyle that's sustainable even when other things are in the foreground is key to long term health (and sanity)! Here's what works for me. You may find that some of these tips work for you and some of them don't, because everyone is different and everyone's needs are different. Feel free to pick and choose!

Cap your day with fitness.

I find that, especially when I'm busy, I just don't find the time to work out sometime during the day. I also find I'm too tired at the end of the day, or I have "just one more thing" to do until suddenly it's bedtime and I haven't moved all day. Starting every day with a little activity works best for me! It becomes routine and it sets me up to feel good all day! 

Black Fitness

If I have a lot of time that can be a full workout, but if I'm busy, even 5-15 minutes of at home calisthenics or a few trips bounding up and down the stairs, followed by some light stretching, is much better than nothing! It also sets me up to want to move more during the day, subconsciously.

Make things a little more difficult for yourself.

I know we're all about making things easier in this techno age, but sometimes making things a little more difficult can be good. Getting lunch? Instead of ordering in, go walk the three blocks to that local place you like. You can call your order in ahead (or place it as a pickup order online) so it won't take much longer than ordering in, and you'll have added some fresh air and physical activity to your day. Unless it's seriously terrible weather, I refuse to order delivery from places that are within a seven to ten block radius of me. It's the budget babe in me who stays firm (picking it up yourself saves on delivery costs and tipping, which really adds up over a year) but my health benefits, too!

Dec 26, 2017

Reflections on 2017

2017 was honestly probably the fastest year yet for me. I still can't believe that we're already days from the end of it! It was a year full of big ups and downs, but I wouldn't change it for the world - I learned a lot, grew a lot, and am in a place right now that's certainly an improvement over last January (though my resolutions didn't stick). Here's a look back on my year!

I appeared in my first Netflix show...

as Carmelita on Netflix's 'The Get Down: Part Two.' I was a bit disappointed when it aired, because the role was pruned back a lot in editing from what it was when we filmed it, but it was exciting nonetheless!

I moved back to New York City...

for good this time. It was such a good decision and I'm so much happier now that I'm no longer torn between Boston and NYC, between my past and my future. I may not live in NYC forever, but I'm loving it for now!

Pretty girl in NYC

I learned the beauty of letting go...

and how necessary it is to let some people out of your life. Even if they're probably totally decent people, some people can just have a negative effect on your life and nothing, not a positive past history or a feeling of guilt for coulda-woulda-shoulda's, is worth holding on to that sort of harmful energy.

I reconnected with some old friends...

and then there are always the people who have always been in your corner, always rooting for you, and always there for you, even if you haven't spoken in years. Those are the people you really need to treasure and it's so good having them in my life.

I met someone special...

mum's the word. 🙊

Lifestyle Blogger Relationships

I traveled a bit...

Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Florida, Hawaii, and Providence just last week for a photoshoot for CVS Health. I love to explore! Next year, Germany is definitely back in the cards - it's been too long since I've seen family!

Waikiki Beach

I found my footing in a real Grown Up Job...

and I'm loving the startup world. It's exciting growing our startup, and growing with it! I love the security of knowing I'm in a job that I can do well.

In the year ahead, I will:

Try to up my networking game...

starting with an alumni networking night for my prep school on January 16!

Take more acting classes and fine-tune my skill...

Every month, I need to take at least one serious workshop and perfect one current, relevant scene. It would be a pity to live in NYC and not make the most of it!

Central Park

Write, act, bake, and create with real regularity...

Blogging, children's books, a literary fiction novel I'm working on - I'm aiming for consistency and a regular schedule this next year, since that fell off in the past year with my focus on my Big Kid Job. I also will seize the opportunity with any and all SAG auditions that come my way, try to create some more recipes to share with you guys, and get good at handling my brand new, super cool, DSLR camera!

Try new things...

both on a small and a large scale. On a small scale, I've already tried some new products lately, like GardenLites' new superfood Veggie Cakes and Veggie Chili & Cornbread! I've long enjoyed their Spinach Souffle as a light meal and find that the Veggie Chili & Cornbread makes a great lunch, dinner, or just heartier breakfast. 

Garden Lites Review

Even though I'm not truly southern, I did spend a good chunk of my childhood in the South and can appreciate a good cornbread. Theirs passed the test! At $3.99-$4.39 each, depending on location, it's also quite a cheap meal!

What are some of your lessons of 2017?

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